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This village in a spectacular location on Monte Poro is located at about 450 metres above sea level, near the promontory of Capo Vaticano, which is just a few kilometres away.

Spilinga is the birthplace of 'Nduja, a spicy type of spreadable salami that is very highly regarded in Italy and abroad. An 'Nduja festival is held in the centre every summer (8th August).

Sites worth visiting include the cave of Madonna delle Fonti and an old rural arched aqueduct, cut in stone, which seems to evoke the ancient Roman aqueducts.

Finally, there is the large valley of Ruffa, which is located about 3 kilometres from the village and is only accessible by footpaths. A rare fern, the woodwardia radicans, grows along the banks of the stream and has aroused the interest of many botanists.